Wedding Dance Packages




We offer two options:


Option 1:    


5 (1 hour) $350 private lessons which can be scheduled any day of the week (we are open 7 days) between the hours of 10am and 10pm Sunday-Friday and Saturday 9am-7pm. You will be taking your dance lesson in a private room, the instructor will be choreographing the song that you will be using at your wedding and will be teaching you other dances of your choice as well.


Option 2:


Pay as you go @ $75 an hour.

If you are not going to a wedding or getting married and you want work on your salsa, cha cha, merengue, swing, waltz, fox trot, tango ect., ect., you can take private lessons @ the price of $65 per lesson or a package of 5 private lessons for $300 ( prices are the same for couples or individuals )





Private lessons are available for individuals or couples who want to become proficient in leading or following, along with styling, grace, and flare.  The Wedding packages listed below are available for couples who can share in a dance of love for their special day. So come in and experience the latest trend in exercise for your mind, body, and soul.